Frequently asked questions
How to start Mining?

Cloud mining is a relatively new concept that has emerged as an alternative to the large investment and maintenance costs associated with hardware mining.

It is basically a rental of cloud computing power from remote data centers. In this case, you do not buy equipment for yourself, do not deal with its special placement and additional electricity ⚡ costs. But simply pay a fixed amount for the purchase of someone else's video cards or processors in order to mine cryptocurrencies.

Go to and start mining.

You can see current Rate on the mainpage. You can find the current Supply and all the Transactions information and statistics on the Explorer:
CCT is a coin, not a token. So it doesn't have a smart contract. You can download the wallet and see all the info on the website:
Changing your Profile email and Name is currently unavailable. We plan to add this functionality in future updates.
You can reset your password on the Reset Password page.
It is not possible to delete an account because they are recorded on the CCT Blockchain. You can simply stop using it and create another one if you like.
Please note that a maximum of 3 accounts is allowed for one user. If our security system detects a violation of this rule, all identified accounts will be blocked due to violation of the rules for using the platform.
Every 8 hours varying amount of Miners or CCT Coins may fall out of a filled slot. Bonus Slots can give you from 0.001 CCT to 20% of your current Daily income! Don’t miss this chance and claim all of your Bonuses! You also can get two types of Free Miners: 1. Bonus Microminer - gives you up to 0.24 CCT with hashrate of 0.01 CCT per month. 2. Microchip - small pleasant unlimited bonus which does not occupy your mining slots and has a hashrate of 0.00001 CCT per month.
If you get a Bonus Microchip from a bonus slot, please note that it does not take up space in your inventory and gives you a passive boost to your mining speed!
Each Miner has a Max Extraction parameter. After the total extraction is complete, Miner stops working. By calculating its mining speed you can see how much time it will take to extract all coins.
To add a Miner, you need to fund your account, select the appropriate Miner on the Shop page, go to the Inventory page and activate it. After that, the Miner will start generating income!
You get a Free Miner automatically after registration. You can just go ahead and collect coins, bonuses and rewards and activate more Miners to increase you mining speed.
This only applies to a free miner. You can increase your mining speed by activating more miners that are available on the Shop page.
At this moment only the CCT Core Wallet is available. You can download it on the Deposit page.
Minimum withdrawal amount is 5 CCT. You can increase your Mining speed by activating Miners that are available on the Shop page.
Coins mined from a third party cannot be withdrawn. You can only withdraw CCT coins that you have mined in the cloud mining platform.
To increase your mining speed, you can activate other miners on the Shop page.
CCT is listed on exchange.
You can withdraw crypto on the Withdrawal page, where you will also see the limits and commission for withdrawal in CCT and BTC currencies. To perform Withdraw, you can exchange your CCT funds to BTC on the Exchange page. Please note that when requesting a Withdrawal of funds, you will need to enter the confirmation code sent by the system to your email. You can also download CCT Core Wallet or BTC Core Wallet on the Deposit page.
You can withdraw crypto on the Withdrawal page, where you will also see the limits and commission for withdrawal in CCT and BTC currencies. Withdrawal fee doesn't depend on the ammount.
After transactions is done no one can cancel it and do a refund. That is how blockchains work.
You can exchange your CCT funds easely to BTC on the Exchange page.
In a few minutes after the Deposit transaction is done, it has an "In process" status. After it gets confirmed by blockchain, its status changes to "Successfully completed" and you can use your Deposited funds!
There is no minimum amount for deposit, but we advise you to decide which miners to buy first. Then, calculate the required amount of funds and make a Deposit. You should also consider the network commission when making the payment.
Please note that the affiliate receives the reward only if his referral has been performing any mining actions for at least 7 days in a row after registration. Additionally, there is a limit of 1 referral account per 1 ip address. All other accounts will be registered as regular users. No referral bonus will be paid in this case.
  1. Affiliate gets 10.82% from every 1 level referral's purchase.
  2. Affiliate gets 2.74% from every 2 level referral's purchase.
  3. Also, Affiliate gets extra 0.01024 CCT from every 1 level referral, this reward will be displayed in the table on the Affiliate program page.